Addendum E:
Strength Through Diversity?

 For the past 32 years, the Presbyterian Church USA and its precursors (UPCUSA & PCUS which merged in 1983) has consistently lost members each and every year.


From a peak of 4.25 million members in 1965
During the last 32 years
The PCUSA has lost 1.56 million members (36.7%)

The trend is gradual but constant. Not a single growth year in that 32 years.

During the last 5 years, we have lost 6.2%
Or a five year average loss of 1.23% per year.

Cincinnati Presbytery lost 12.4%
During the 5 year period 1990 to 1996

Whatever we are doing, IT IS NOT WORKING.

Any organization that has a long-term trend of decline can logically conclude something is fundamentally wrong. Unless the underlying problem is identified and solved, the trend will continue. Most corporations with this dismal track record would have long ago replace the upper management and seek out those who could reverse the trend.

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